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. Mary LLoyd-Jones


"Cwmystwyth", 2001
water colour on paper

"Jaipur III", 1999
oil on canvas

"Mwyn Plwm", 2001
water colour on paper

(1=private collection; 2&3=artist's collection)

Mary was born in 1934 in Pontarfynach, Ceredigion (Devil's Bridge near Aberystwyth). From 1951 to 1956 she studied Fine Art at Cardiff College of Art. Her present studio is in Aberystwyth. She is a founder member of fforma, a group of visual artists in West Wales.

For the artist's own explanations and interpretation of her work see: Eve Ropek (ed.) (2001) - "The Colour of Saying - Mary Lloyd Jones", Gomer Press, Aberystwyth.
Excerpts from the Introduction:
"...Mary Lloyd Jones's work is mature, with the visual subtlety and developed personal language only achieved by years of persuing the right visual expression; yet she remains ceaselessly exploratory within her chosen field...[her] paintings incorporate a knowledge of the history, social and geographic, of her country. Her work attempts a distillation of the landscape, seeks to capture its physical being, complete with scars, while revealing its history and - curiously, in works from which the human figure is always absent - showing our relationship to the land past and present. 'True being' in Mary Lloyd Jones's paintings is simultaneously the appearance of things seen and the spiritual and historical reality of it...the physical reality of Mary's work is at one with her vision of the land. Vivid unsubdued colour, sweeping marks and an evident delight in the application of paint allow the viewer to enter into the artist's way of seing...What has influenced Mary? Brought up simply, in a rural area, the landscape was simply part of her and therefore not to be remarked upon. A traditional art school education introduced all the taught elements, good and bad, common to most 20th-century artists. A brave self-knowledge brought her home, to Wales, where her vision developed. From her base, influences of contemporary culture from all over this well-connected world have continually fed her interests; from America to India, Mary continues to be open to learning...As a Welsh speaker who was brought up in the Welsh rural tradition, she delights in being part of the new Wales where a distinctly Welsh 'take' on history, on art and on life is consciously being sought and published, transmitted and talked about. This is indeed , in 2001, an exciting time for the arts scene in Wales...This is a time full of potential, of pride in Welsh achievements, accompanied by an upsurge of creativity...Mary Lloyd Jones has forged an identity, a big enough identity; she has given us a new way of seeing the landscape about us, and for this we are grateful..." (Eve Ropek).

Awards: 1st prize Wales Open Exhibition, 1996; travel grant from Arts Council of Wales, 1997. See also "The Colour of Saying", ed. by Eve Ropek.

Commissions: Residency in Centre D'Arts i Natura di Farrera, 1997; Commemorative Plate for the Urdd, 1999; Selected Artist for Millenium Print Project, 2000.

International Links:
activities abroad=1988 Residency at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Annahmakerig/Ireland; 1997 Residency at the Centre d'Art i Katura di Farerra in Catalunya/Spain;

exhibitions abroad=1990 "Solo Express" Monserrat Gallery NY/USA (mixed); Katherine Starr Gallery & Rosenfeld Gallery Philadelphia/USA (mixed); 1992 "New Work" Neuman Gelfer Gallery Cologne/Germany (solo); 1994 Monserrat Gallery NY/USA (solo); 1996 British Embassy Oslo/Norway (solo); 1997 Progetto Galles Celtico Cita Di Adria/Italy (solo); Green Mountain College Poultney Vermont/USA (solo);

collections abroad=Crawford Museum & Galleries Cork/Ireland; Green Mountain College Vermont/USA; Tyrone Guthrie Centre/Ireland; Cita Di Adria/Italy:

Principal dealer: Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff.

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