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Photo by
Bernard Mitchell



"Morning Shave" 1993
oil on canvas

"Oh for the Muse of Fire", 1994
oil on canvas

"Family" 2002
oil on linen

(1&3=private collections; 2=collection Contemporary Art Soc. of Wales)

Shani Rhys-James was born in 1953 in Melbourne/Australia to a Welsh father & an Australian mother. In 1972/73 she attended a Foundation Course at Loughborough College of Art. Thereafter, from 1973 to 1976, she studied Fine Art at St.Martin College of Art in London. By now she has lived in Wales for many years and is a member of The 56 Group as well as the Royal Cambrian Academy.

Artist's Statement: "My desire to produce powerful, emotional paintings which are read for their content, their colour and their abstract elements. I have to be emotionally and mentally taken over by my paintings. They are seemingly direct ; I paint about the studio, the kitchen, the artist, my children, childhood memories. So imaginative and observational elements co-exist in each work" (quoted from www.axisartists.org.uk/all/ref67.htm).

Teaching Experience:
1976/82 Art Teacher, Davies College, London; 1979/80 Evening Class Tutor, St Martin's School of Art 1994 Visiting Lecturer, Sheffield College of Art; 1994 Visiting Lecturer, Gwent College of Art.

Awards: 1989 1st Prize at the Wales Open; 1990 2nd Prize at the Aberystwyth Wales Open; 1991 1st Prize at the Mostyn Open; 1992 Figurative Painting, Aberystwyth Arts Centre; 1992 Fine Art Gold Medal at the Royal National Eisteddford; 1993 Travel Award from the Arts Council of Wales; 1993 1st Prize, Observer at Hunting; 1994 Artist At Work, Walker Art Gallery; 1994 Winner of the Visual Arts Award, BBC Wales; 1994 2nd Prize, BP National Portrait Award; 2003 Jerwood Painting Prize; 2006 Awarded M.B.E. in New Years Honours List; Creative Wales Award, Arts Council of Wales, Cardiff .

Commissions & Residencies: 1996/98 Travelling Exhibition, Initiated By Mostyn, Llandudno; 1996 A Commission For A Painting, Midlands Art Centre; 1995/96 A Painting For 'In The Looking Glass' Usher Gallery, Lincoln; 1994 Disclosures Exhibition, Mostyn Gallery; 1994 Life Drawing Residency, Aberystwyth Arts Centre;

Principal dealer: Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff

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